What to Expect at a Japanese Steakhouse

There are few dining experiences that are better than a true Japanese steakhouse. With a host of diverse entrees, appetizers, and drinks-plus an atmosphere as rich as the menu-an authentic Japanese steakhouse will leave you with a full belly, yet hungry for more.

As with any good steakhouse, pacing and sampling are key. You don’t want to overload yourself with appetizers and drinks. However, you will definitely want to try a few of each. Most good eateries will offer a wide selection of starters, including various sushi rolls, miso soup, and crunchy house salads. Choose one or two that you’ve never had before. Even if they’re not your favorite, the portions are usually fairly small, so no food is wasted. Be sure to get an authentic Japanese drink as well. Most restaurants serve a good selection of house specials, as well as sake, Japanese beer, plum wine, and non-alcoholic tea.

When it comes to your entree, get a different type of meat than whatever you had for your appetizer. If you didn’t have an appetizer, get a platter for your entree that you can sample and share with the rest of your table. Most Japanese steakhouses offer chicken, shrimp, lobster, and sirloin entrees, as well as sushi samplers and grilled vegetable options for the vegetarians in your party. Platters and combinations like “Land and Sea” or Kobe/Wagyu plates are a great way to get all of the meats in one meal. In you are dining in a group, another strategy is to specialize and share. That way everyone at your table gets to try a little bit of everything.

If you still have room for desert, complete the dining experience with Mochi ice cream or Daifuku (rice cake filled with a deliciously sweet filling). If not, take your time grabbing the check. Authentic Japanese restaurants often have some of the most distinct and immersive atmospheres out there. Sometimes the mood is mellow: traditional decor, trickling water, and subdued lighting make for a relaxing and serene dining experience. Other times, the Japanese steakhouse becomes a stage for showmanship: fires blaze, cleavers chop, and the food is often prepared directly in front of you. Be prepared-some locations may literally throw food your way.

Overall, when dining at a Japanese steakhouse, it’s important to go in with an empty stomach and an open mind. It helps if you’re into meat, too. The expansive menus, traditional options, large portions, and immersive atmospheres will have something for everyone. Go ahead grab an extra napkin or two, and leave a nice tip on your way out.

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Online Pizzeria Specials And Take Out

Gourmet pizzas continue to soar in global popularity. In fact, these scrumptious and delicious dishes are rapidly outshining traditional pies across the world. No truer is this than in Australia, which features countless pizzerias and convenient online ordering.

From deep dish and thin to pan crust, there are so many options available for new and existing customers. The same can also be said for toppings, which now include gluten free and low salt selections for health conscious families and individuals.

Pizzas are no longer just relegated to New York, Chicago, and Boston. In fact, this staple is considered a global favorite that continues to evolve and change with the times. In the past, pies either had large or compact slices with topping selections to a minimum. Today, customers can order these mouthwatering foods with eggplant, green peppers, bell peppers, and even cottage cheese if desired. It simply depends on which venues offer these special selections, as well as their daily specials or weekly promotions.

The difference between gourmet and traditional pies is based on several factors. Gourmet pizzas are usually made in deep dish ovens with crisper crusts. Secondly, the toppings tend to have a greater variety than that of traditional dishes. While the latter is usually synonymous with beef, hamburger, onions, peppers, pepperoni, ham, and other classic favorites, gourmet dishes feature anchovies, sardines, Tandoori chicken, and even Mexican style blends and accents.

Whether ordering online or for restaurant dining, there are always daily specials and discounts available. In fact, this is what keeps most pizzerias in business and secures recurring customers. In fact, companies like Bubba Pizza have amassed countless customers over the years. They specialize in a range of pizzas that are perfect for lunch, dinner, and even corporate gatherings. Delivery is available along with convenient online ordering and pickup.

What separates Bubba Pizza apart from the rest is their incredible selection of toppings and pies. This includes gourmet pies, which can be customized per customer requests. Whether in the mood for fish, chicken, beef, or strictly vegetarian toppings, your needs will be met in a timely and professional manner. Customers can also order mini pies or by the slice but usually will have to pick up those items since there are delivery minimums in place.

No pizza pie is ever complete without a nice cold beverage. While traditional sodas go well with pies, health and power drinks continue to soar in popularity as well. All beverages are kept cold in freezers, while pies are kept piping hot until they are picked up or delivered. For health conscious customers, simply request gluten free toppings and pies when placing orders.

In addition to pies, customers can also order calzone at any pizza restaurant. These delicious items feature eggplant, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, and your choice of beef, chicken or other veggies. Calzones are essential pita breads that are stuffed with all your favorite sauces and cheeses. There is also the famous Sicilian slice, which is a square pizza that has deep dish crusts. Sicilians also emphasize cheese as opposed to toppings, however, it is the customers choice at the end of the day.

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The Best Breweries in the Milwaukee Area

Milwaukee’s craft beer scene is booming, with ten new breweries opening in the area in 2016. With so many to visit, it’s difficult to narrow down the best ones. Here are a few favorites… two old and two new:

Lakefront Brewery/Beer Hall
According to Brewery President Russ Klisch, the business started when his brother, Jim, expressed interest in beer making, and Russ humored him by giving him a homebrewing book. Impressed with Jim’s beer, Russ decided he could brew one better. In short, sibling rivalry and common interest led both brothers to begin entering homebrewing contests and winning awards. It wasn’t long before family and friends encouraged them to turn their hobby into a business.

They began brewing with 55-gallon stainless steel drums and used dairy equipment. On December 2, 1987 they sold their first barrel of beer to the Gordon Park Pub. With the brewery up and running, the infamous tour started soon after! As Lakefront’s popularity grew, so did their production: by 1988, sales jumped to 72 barrels; by 1989, 125 barrels; and sales began doubling after that.

The tour is one of the best in town. The guides are extremely enthusiastic, especially when the tour is conducted by one of the Klisch brothers. It was one of the first brewery tours where they allowed you to drink beer before, during and after the tour. One of the fun parts is hearing the theme from Laverne & Shirley while they demonstrate the bottling line.

The brewery is located in a large beer hall space, with tall ceilings, brick walls, and communal tables. It’s right on the riverfront, with a patio in the back. The brewery transformed from a basic beer hall, where beer was only available with the tokens that you’d receive on a tour. Then they became popular for their Friday night fish fry. Now they serve a variety of basic bar food all the time (counter service) and all the beer is available for purchase at the bar.

Some options are salads, sandwiches, tacos, pretzels, cheese and wurst boards, as well as desserts. On a recent visit, they had 12 beers on tap. They are also one of the first breweries in the country to feature organic and gluten free beers.

Favorite beers:
• Eastside Dark Munich Dunkel – Sweet and roasty flavor, beautifully smooth and drinkable, not at all intimidating.
• Fuel Cafe Organic Stout – Excellent, inviting aroma, full bodied, roasted malt in full evidence.

Sprecher Brewing Company
Sprecher Brewing Co. was founded in 1985 by Randal Sprecher, formerly a brewing supervisor at Pabst Brewing Company. From 1985 to 1994, the brewery was located at 730 W. Oregon Street in Milwaukee’s Walker’s Point area. Through the first ten years the company grew steadily, as more and more people found out about Sprecher’s high quality beers and sodas. Finally, the company had outgrown its original facility and began looking for a new location to continue its growth. In 1994, Sprecher purchased its current building, located at 701 W. Glendale Ave., a former elevator car factory. The new, larger brewery enabled the company to continue growing.

The Gift Shop/Tasting Room is open Mon-Sat 11am-6pm, Sun 11am-5pm. Tours are available daily for $6; check the website for times. You must call ahead for reservations.

Back in the day, Randal Sprecher would handle brewery tours, which were made memorable thanks to his obvious passion for the craft. For a bit of a different experience, try one of the Reserve tastings offered on weekends for $20. Reserve tastings are done in smaller groups than the regular tour/tastings and feature the company’s premier and limited edition products. Each guest will receive ten samples of Sprecher beers, each paired with a different artisan cheese.

They offer five year-round beers, five premium reserve, plus seasonal beers, as well as a large variety of sodas. They are well known for their root beer.

Though they don’t serve food at the brewery (other than cheese), they have opened four pubs, located in Glendale, Lake Geneva, Madison and Wisconsin Dells. The Lake Geneva location is a favorite, right on the lakefront with a nice outdoor deck. The Glendale pub is also nice, located in the Bayshore Town Center mall. They have a very good menu with German and American options, happy hour Mon-Fri, as well as varying daily food specials.

Favorite beer:
Black Bavarian – Best Schwarzbier brewed in the U.S.; Huge roasty character, big malty body.

The Fermentorium
Located just outside of Cedarburg, The Fermentorium opened its doors early in 2016. Kristopher Volkman is the founder and president, a locally raised homebrewer.

Currently offering ten beers on tap with plans to expand, the brewery also distributes to restaurants and bars all over Southeastern Wisconsin.

The tap room is currently open Tue-Fri 4pm-10pm, Sat-Sun 12pm-10pm. It’s a modern space, very open, comfortable place to hang out and drink beer. The brewing area is in the right half of the room, separated by a wall of windows, so that you can view the process.

For a newly opened establishment, they are already making several outstanding beers, so it was difficult to narrow down favorites.

Favorite beers:
• Strawberry Tart – Berliner Weisse; great combo to balance sourness and strawberry.
• Safe Passage – Porter; huge roasted malt flavor, malty aroma pervasive, outstanding example of style.

Good City Brewing
Their motto is “Seek the Good.” The first brewery on Milwaukee’s east side, Good City opened in June. The three founders connected in 2015 and immediately hit it off, sharing a love for craft beer and the untapped potential of Milwaukee. Andy Jones is a brewmaster who left Goose Island Brewing in Chicago to move to Milwaukee and work for Lakefront Brewery as plant manager for six years. David Dupee is an entrepreneur with a background in securities and regulatory compliance, founder of crowdfunding platform CraftFund, which was formed to help food and beverage companies raise capital from passionate customers and local residents. Dan Katt is a Milwaukee real estate developer.

Good City has a modern, airy tap room with a large bar area, outdoor seating, and shiny fermenters just out of the wrapper. The menu offers a good variety of taproom snacks, cheese and meats, salads, brewfood, and dinner entrees. No more than seven options in each category, so the choices are not overwhelming (a good thing). There are several vegetarian items. There are ten beers on tap.

Favorite beers:
• Pils – Medium body, hoppy Czech style, smooth as silk.
• Detail Porter – Dark, deep color, roasted coffee and chocolate flavors dominate; outstanding example of style.

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The Best Romantic Restaurants In Seminyak

If you’re thinking about the perfect romantic getaway, think about Bali. They say that Bali is the break-up island, but that’s not the case at all. Myths about love hitches in Bali have been debunked, and you can splendidly enjoy your romantic vacation in Bali. Isn’t it a wonderful place to ignite the fires of your love and togetherness?

Bali is a city with a laid back atmosphere. You can revel in its dreamy landscapes. In South Bali, you can go a bit farther to the beach town of Seminyak. It is the next town located at the north of Legian. You’ll be engrossed in the luxurious ambiance of Seminyak. As another top scenic and tourist spot in Bali, Seminyak is more uptown and fashionable. You’ll find high-end spas and boutiques in Seminyak, considering that it is Bali’s shopping capital. At daytime, you can relax at the beach. It’s quieter at that time. But what makes Seminyak more attractive to locals and tourists alike are the high-end restaurants. Bring your dearest to wine and dine in Seminyak. It’s the perfect place to nurture your affections and passions for each other.

There are different ways to dine with your beloved in Seminyak. Your dream date comes true in this romantic and sophisticated paradise. Here is a list of the top 5 romantic restaurants in Seminyak:

Lestari Grill and Pasta. Here is the ideal place if you want to indulge in a fantastic gastronomic delight while wooing your beloved. When in Bali, they say you can’t miss this dining destination. The restaurant serves classic European grills and pasta with a touch of the Asian influence. Lestari is found at the heart of Seminyak and it is known to deliver perfection to your table. Foods they serve are grilled according to your preference, but save some space for their lip-smacking desserts as well!

Ku De Ta. Dining experience in the beach front Ku De Ta is unsurpassed. Dine while you are surrounded by the fragrance of the fresh ocean water. The view of the astounding Indian Ocean will take your breath away as you savor the restaurant’s mouthwaterining meals. As you are satiated, you might even be tempted to walk along the beach and dip your feet in the sand.

The Restaurant at the Legian. This is the place to be if you want to dine Asian, French, European and contemporary cuisine. If you’re a health buff, you can ask for their gluten-free options. Dining at the Legian is a spectacular setting. With their varied selections at the menu, but not too many to choose from, dining is made easier. When in Bali, visit the Restaurant at the Legian for a beautiful location with a touch of paradise.

K Resto. This restaurant is known to be the most upmarket of all the beach restaurants in Seminyak. The menu at K Resto is classy. It ranges from Indonesian cuisine to other Asian dishes. You’ll have selections from cheaper standards to the most expensive ones. How about the feeling of eating at the beach with your toes in the sand? You’ll find it at K Resto in Seminyak.

Metis. This is where you get the best of Bali when it comes to French dining. The location is so romantic that swooning over your partner comes naturally. On the way to this splendid paradise of a restaurant, you’ll pass by pretty gardens with full-size lotus ponds. If you’re a foie gras enthusiast, Metis is the perfect romantic restaurant to visit in Seminyak.

Enjoy the best of love, scrumptious cuisine and a touch of paradise at the romantic restaurants in Seminyak!

Be hale, hearty and cheery. Most of all, lose weight and be happy!

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Marketing Advantages Of Restaurant Directories

What would be the most effective way of restaurant marketing? How can a restaurant directory help you to increase your sales leads? In fact, a restaurant directory can be an effective way of restaurant marketing.

People have stereotype perceptions about marketing, which usually make them to invest in advertisements and other conventional methods. Very few people realize the restaurant directory as a crucial way to advertise and improve the web presence of your restaurant.

The Restaurant and Cafe business are emerging as a major industry these days, people are changing their dining habits – for instant, noodles are not limited to only Chinese food stores, in the same way burgers are available all around the world. Thus, as far as foods are concerned, we are globalized.

Nowadays, it has become tough for the novice to survive in food markets. When they have to perform among the global customers, it is tricky for modern restaurants to maintain their unique brand identities. Even if you come up with an idea, which can make you cool and unique, then you still need many strategies to execute them.

Social media marketing is an effective and crucial part of restaurant marketing, and we cannot afford to ignore them. Everyone is aware of this. So there, we get millions of pages and billions of posts, describing and promoting their food business. Thus, for effective promotion of your restaurant you need extra strategies along with your social media campaign.

In many ways, using a restaurant directory can be a brilliant marketing strategy. Say, a commercial company is organizing a party and believe me; they usually use Google and other search engine to find a food outlet. What if you are not visible on the internet or you do not have any website? Has there been any chance for you to get such customers?

Once you mention your restaurant in restaurant directories, it not only gives customers, but also improves your web presence. You need not only to rely on your website to get online customers, as directories sometime become more effective.

The Restaurant business is a tough job, since only offering delicious food is not enough. You have to manage many other things too, such as hygienic environments, better marketing performance and happy customers. Critics are another factor that you need to think about, you have to perform well before them. Since, many customers blindly follow the critical analysis, while opting for a restaurant.

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Share Your Restaurant Experiences On Various Restaurant Reviews Websites

Nowadays people do not buy anything online without reading reviews which they want to buy like food, apparels, electronics gazettes and many more other. It has been noticed that people go for an item that is highly reviewed and has a large positive comments or ratings. Providing restaurant ratings is a great way or medium to share your thoughts, views and ideas about your experience. If we take an example of restaurant reviews then this can explain us that it provides us a great help to choose good restaurant in the city which provides good food and excellent services to their clients. You can share your restaurant experiences on various restaurant reviews websites. When you write reviews on a particular restaurant you should have proper knowledge about the restaurant and you should also know, what are the main key points of the restaurant which you included in your review? Before write a review it is important that you know how to frame the review structure so that you can include all the important things in it and provide enough idea about the restaurant. These reviews also help to increase the business of the restaurants. You can easily find the best restaurants by reading the restaurant reviews that gives information about it and their services. There are guides or websites that are available on internet that help you choose the kind of restaurants that you have been looking for. Reviews can provide you an idea that what type of food are available whether it is spicy or not, verities of food, at what range and area they are providing.Writing reviews is personal views so always stress your own writing style. Make sure that you always write on present tense and use your own personality so that your review will look original and unique.

You can include various things in your review like can provide details about the interior decoration or appearance, what color combinations are used, lighting and cleanliness of the restaurant, explain about the services they provided and write little bit about the staff and food provided by them are good or not and last but not least make a note of the atmosphere of the restaurant. Is it friendly, extremely busy and loud, or relaxing? There are endless restaurant review websites dedicated exclusively to helping consumers discover the best eateries near them. If your restaurant experience was riddled with both pros and cons make sure you list both to provide readers with an accurate, well-rounded review. When you provide your reviews about a particular restaurant also write about the menu card of that restaurant. Also explain little bit about the variety of meals choices, any unique dishes, and food are cooked properly or not and taste of the food also. Write about the meal’s presentation, taste and smell. Also use only descriptive and creative words. In your review you can easily suggest that this particular restaurant is good for family member or couples or friends group or individual people. So by providing your reviews on restaurants you can easily share your restaurant experiences on various restaurant reviews websites.

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Dining At The World’s Finest Gourmet Cuisine Restaurants

The Restaurant magazine surveys hundreds of food experts yearly since 2003 to name the finest gourmet cuisine restaurants in the world. They come up with fifty names every year and topping the 2006 list of restaurants with the finest gourmet cuisine is El Bulli located in Catalonia, Spain. El Bulli is known to be the place for avant-garde European dining. The chef of El Bulli is the famous Ferran Adri Acosta, whose philosophy in cooking is one filled with surprises in flavor, texture and temperature to delight diners.

The Fat Duck in Berkshire, England is the second finest gourmet cuisine restaurant according to the Restaurant magazine. The Head Chef is Heston Bluementhal who employs scientific principles to his culinary practice to explore new possibilities in cooking, hence, some odd-sounding but nevertheless delectable recipes such as Oyster and Passion Fruit Jelly, Oak Moss and Truffle Toast and Nitro-Scrambled Egg and Bacon Ice Cream.

The Fat Duck leads other 4 of the finest gourmet cuisine restaurants in England. Of course countries such as France and Italy, which are traditionally known for possessing the finest gourmet cuisine in the world, are included in the list. In the third place is the Pierre Gagnaire restaurant in Paris, named after its owner and Head Chef Pierre Gagnaire, who is a highly-admired chef known for the finest gourmet cuisine in France that is beyond the traditional French cuisine. He is one of the pioneers of the principles of fusion in cooking. Some examples of gastronomical entrees include Suckling Lamb from Aveyron and Bresse Chicken with foie grass and cabbage.

Within the top ten finest gourmet cuisine restaurants are two in the United States, The French Laundry in Yountville, California in the fourth place and the Per Se in the eighth place. The French Laundry offers daily-changing menus from award-winning chef Thomas Keller that feature the freshest produce in season. Typical recipes include Oysters and Pearls, Moulard Duck �Foie Gras En Terrine� and Fuji Apple Sorbet. The Per Se restaurant is also a fruit of Thomas Keller’s creative vision, which he shared with other individuals involved with The French Laundry.

In the 26th spot is another American restaurant, Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago, which is long known for serving some of the finest gourmet cuisine in the world. Charlie Trotter’s offers three degustation menus daily – the sumptuous Grand Menu that blends the freshest seasonal products, the Vegetable Menu that celebrates extraordinary vegetable cuisine and the spontaneous 15-course Kitchen Table Menu for guests dining at the restaurant’s kitchen table.

Other top-rated restaurants where you can experience the finest gourmet cuisine are Tetsuya’s in Australia, Gambero Rosso in Italy, Hof van Cleve in Belgium, La Colombe in South Africa, Noma in Denmark, Restaurant Dieter Muller in Germany and Bukhara in India.

Please check out ArticleMash.com for useful tips and info about Food and Drink and Restaurant Reviews.

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Taste World Class Best Cuisines In Best Indian Restaurant Berkeley

Recently, with all other hobbies and career opportunities, cooking is emerging out as one of the most competitive topic to excel and accept in someone’s life. With time, a lot of revolutionary step arises till date in this cooking institution to let us enriched with wide variety of food habits.
With the developing economy a huge infrastructural effort is given to this food field. A good view of the increasing number of restaurants is the ultimate prove to justify the statement. Whether in western world or the eastern sphere, food lovers kept on excelling different cuisines round the clock. When we come with the Indian flavors then I think undoubtedly all must shake their heads in a YES regarding their unique tastes and varieties. Now this versatile food culture is no longer bounded to any physical region and so they are in the hit list of food lovers anywhere in the world. Some of the Best Indian restaurant Berkeley is strengthening their position in the world food map to attract the foodies to definitely drop down under their roof. There’s no need to specify any special feature of them as in a whole they’re a package of all the best things at a single place.
Whether to say about their services, their warmth, cuisine varieties in different menu cards or to say about their competency with other restaurants of the same place, they are simply providing top class international food habits to the food lovers. Even the pocket size is also kept in mind with these restaurants to satisfy people of all economic range. As the food culture is in its developing stage to achieve excellence, the technology is also striving towards the same. So, with the growing online presence, this restaurant increases its popularity to a much wider spectrum. Now it’s quite easy to have a pre look of the required delicacies on the web screen and hence to apply for it. Their easy to serve service helps a lot to feel the freshness and flavors of the food to its maximum. The aesthetic and ethnic look of this restaurant is fighting out challenges to the best to best western cafeterias and restaurants too. Why to get bored with the same taste again and again when just by stepping into this restaurant we can have a good switch over of our tongue’s flavor.
The Indian foods are well acknowledged for their unique textures and flavors. If getting the same feeling worldwide then we are just enough lucky to get the best appetizing food. What else we should ask for? Isn’t the increasing number of cookery shows is specifying this fact strongly? You Guys must be sailing on the same boat! Rather I must say that all food lovers are on the same common view of sharing the best taste.
How is it engaging yourself after a tedious lengthy working day with a half filled or entirely empty stomach into this Indian food based restaurants? Just clickon your mouse and search your tongue satisfying best cuisines with Indian restaurants at Berkeley!

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